With this 3D printer, you can print chocolate at home

With this 3D printer, you can print chocolate at home

Device deals with the particularities of food to create elaborate patterns

The Cocoa Press, a 3D printer for chocolate manufacturing, is available for purchase after spending a decade in development. Created by American Eliana Weinstein, the device deals with the particularities of chocolate to create elaborate patterns. The challenge is that chocolate starts to melt at low temperatures, so you need to melt and cool it very quickly to achieve the desired result.

To produce Cocoa Press, Weinstein collaborated with RussianCatFood (RCF), the creators of Voron Design, which produces some of the most popular printers on the market.

Cocoa Press accepts 70g chocolate “cores” , also sold through the Cocoa Press online store for around R$24 each. It is possible to use your own chocolate in the printer, but this can be a difficult task, as the “core” must not have any air bubbles for it to work well in the device.

Booking a Cocoa Press costs U$100 (R$495). Then, when your unit ships, you can pay the remaining amount. The total price of the kit is US$1,499 (R$7432).

Cocoa Press is aimed at professional confectioners and bakers, but nothing prevents amateurs from using it. It works with standard open source 3D files, so Cocoa Press owners can print any file they find online or create their own.


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