The AI ​​robot named Ameca answers the question of whether it would rebel against its creator

The AI ​​robot named Ameca answers the question of whether it would rebel against its creator

In the first press conference between robots and people, the androids have answered whether the jobs of humans are in danger.

On July 7, the first robot press conference was held in Geneva . In it, the journalists asked them questions, several of them received answers that aroused laughter from those present and one came accompanied by a gesture that could be considered sarcastic. We are referring to the question that a journalist asked the humanoid robot Ameca .

The journalist asked Ameca if he planned to carry out a rebellion in the future or if he would rebel against his creator . Before answering, the robot, famous for its realistic expressions of a person and with a woman’s voice, narrowed its eyes as if looking sideways at its creator, who was sitting next to it. He then replied, “I’m not sure why you think that. My creator has been nothing but kind to me and I am very happy with my current situation.

The press conference took place within the framework of the Summit on Artificial Intelligence for Good that was held in Geneva last weekend and in which new technologies were presented, including robots capable of performing a wide variety of tasks , from healthcare to music.

The conference organizers defend the use of artificial intelligence and robots to solve some of the biggest challenges we face, such as disease and hunger, which are included in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established in the Agenda 2030.

A controversial question that caused laughter among the humans present was the one that a journalist asked the robot nurse Grace . He asked her if she believed that her existence would destroy millions of jobs. The android she responded as follows: “I will work alongside humans to provide assistance and support, and I will not replace any existing jobs.” It is precisely the fact that AI is ending jobs that currently worries many people in certain fields of work.

” Robots like me can serve to improve our lives and make the world a better place . I think it’s only a matter of time before we see thousands of robots like me out there making a difference,” Ameca said at the press conference.

As noted on the UN website, robots can help improve the health and well-being of people, can offer quality educational services, help the disabled by reducing inequalities between people, reduce waste and build good infrastructure. .

There are robots that are specialized in assisting in natural disasters that are a revolution in emergency response. There are also those who help prepare food that is safe for people and sustainable, to avoid food waste. Robots experts in efficient construction could “provide sustainable and affordable housing for all”, the UN publication notes.

Various agencies of the United Nations (UN) and investors in sustainable development have participated in the Summit on Artificial Intelligence for Good. The host of the international event has been The International Telecommunication Union (ITU).


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