Water purification jug

Water purification jug

Science behind water purification pitchers: How they remove contaminants and improve water quality.
A purifying jug with an integrated cartridge is capable of softening tap water and significantly improving its taste. A true alternative to bottled water . Although tap water in Spain is of high quality, it may contain certain residues that affect its taste. To solve this, the purifying jugs incorporate a filter cartridge that uses a combination of ion exchange resin and activated carbon microbeads, which returns the good taste to the water. It is important to note that drinking water flowing through pipes may contain particles such as sand, rust, and small amounts of metals such as lead, copper, and limestone. In addition, it usually has a chlorine tastedue to the use of this element as a disinfectant in water treatment stations, although this is in minimal quantities.

Filter the water for a better taste

Thanks to their filter cartridge, purifying jugs can significantly improve the taste of tap water. This filtration process begins with a prefiltration through a fine mesh membrane that retains large particles. Then, the ion exchange resin is responsible for reducing the heavy metal content, eliminating CO2 and partially demineralizing the water, eliminating limestone. The activated carbon microspheres, made from natural coconut shells, improve the taste and smell of the water by reducing the presence of chlorine and organic matter. Finally, one more leakthrough a fine mesh membrane completes the purification process. With a purifying pitcher, you can always enjoy great-tasting water.

Why is it important to drink purified water with a purifying jug?

Drinking purified water from a pitcher is essential for maintaining good health. Tap water in many places can contain impurities and chemicals that can affect our health in the long run. A purification pitcher equipped with a filter cartridge is a convenient and effective option to ensure that you drink clean and safe water. Purifying jugs use different types of filters to remove impurities from tap water. These filters can include a combination of fine mesh, ion exchange resins, and activated carbon to filter sediment, heavy metals, chlorine, and other contaminants from the water. Removing these contaminants from water improves its taste, odor, and appearance, making it more pleasant to drink.

In addition to improving the taste and quality of your water, drinking purified water can also have health benefits. Drinking enough water is essential to maintain hydration and support the proper functioning of our body. Drinking filtered water with a purifying pitcher can help reduce your intake of chemicals and toxins, which can improve overall health. In summary, drinking water from a purifying jug is a convenient and effective option to ensure that we drink clean and safe water. Removing impurities and chemicals from water can improve its taste, odor, and appearance. With a purifying pitcher, you can enjoy clean, fresh water every time.

How much does a purifying jug cost in Spain?

The price of a water purifying jug in Spain can vary depending on the brand, model and capacity of the same. In general, the price can range between 15 and 50 euros. However, it is important to note that prices can be different depending on where you shop, so it is advisable to do a price comparison in various stores or online before making a purchase.


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