Gmail launches new design in its web version

Gmail launches new design in its web version

Google officially announces important changes in the appearance of the web version.

It is the most important email application on the entire planet, and as such any change that comes to it is widely disseminated, due to the interest it arouses. This time we are talking about a novelty that we will undoubtedly notice a lot when using the web version of the application. And it is that the redesign that we had known a few weeks ago, is now official, since it has been announced by Google itself . In it, the new integrated vision of all the elements of the application stands out above all. Although it is a new design, the reality is that much of the original aspect of this design is preserved, which is more productive and easier to use than ever.

now for everyone

The new design that we had known a few weeks ago had begun to reach the corporate version, the one used by thousands of companies around the world. But now this is extended to all users of the Google messaging platform. Specifically , it will be from next February 28 when this new design of the messaging app begins to spread massively. Basically what Google stands out is that with this new design we will be able to see its applications, those of Google, integrated into the email application.

The new design is divided into several zones that receive interesting changes. Starting with the new hideable panel , which can now be seen on the left side, and you can choose to show it, or hide it on the side. New notification bubbles are also released that will offer us notices of the new messages that arrive in the inbox in the different existing chats. Also, if we hover over each of the icons, we’ll see a preview of each of the Google apps that are now integrated into Gmail.

Of course, Google warns us that, in order to access this new design, it will be necessary to activate Google Chat in the application. So somehow Google will “blackmail” us with this obligation to introduce the signature chat within Gmail, if we want to enjoy the new design of the email application. So, if you’re not one of those who usually uses Google chat, you’ll have to add it to enjoy the new look, although you can always give up both features.

And it is that this email platform has become one of the most important in the market, especially in its web version, which is fully functional without the need to install anything , and works exclusively through data in the cloud. . With this new design, it is expected that users of the platform will be able to use it more and better not only to receive and send emails, but also to be able to make video calls with Meet, or chat with the tools that Google makes available to us. Even so, we will still have to wait a few days to enjoy these news.


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