How to edit an image before downloading it

How to edit an image before downloading it

This new feature allows you to make adjustments before downloading the images.

The integration of new features into existing applications is an increasingly common phenomenon. Google is one of those that has been doing it for a long time and now it is Microsoft that has joined this initiative with the integration of an image editor within its browser.

Edit images directly from the web before saving them

One more example of how within a tool or application we can carry out actions that until now we needed an application to carry it out. A similar example is the image editing tool within Google Photos. But in this case it is Microsoft’s Internet browser that will let us edit the images before saving them, without the need to save and edit them later in another application.

This function is currently not available for users of the standard version of the browser, at the moment we can only use it in the Microsoft Edge Canary version . So far when we right click on the images we have several options, but not the editing one. When the testing phase is over and this tool is implemented in Edge, we will see how, when performing the same operation, we will see the new “edit image” option.

Edge now lets you edit images from web pages before saving them.
Normally when you right click on an image on the web you have the option to save it, well, it seems that in the future you will also have the option to edit it before saving it:

Edit image.

After clicking on any of those options, the new image editor appears:

New image editor.

Crop (Free).





​After clicking ‘Save’, the download menu appears, and you can choose what to do with the edited image.

​I found this new feature in the latest Edge Canary build.

Clicking on the image opens a window in which a series of settings appear at the top, ranging from cropping, adjusting, filters and bookmarks. And at the bottom we will see the different options that these tools provide us. So by using the different functions and their options, we can quickly edit the image without having to resort to other applications.

Once we have finished carrying out all the transformations and applying the filters, with the desired final result we have the option of saving the image with the changes on our computer. Downloading the final result with the image already edited .

So we have saved time, efforts and resources. Although it must be said that it is not a professional image editing program and although it has many options, we can only make basic adjustments and retouches, although the results can be surprising. A tool that can get us out of trouble if we do not have access to the necessary tools. In addition, thanks to the simplicity of its options, any user without prior knowledge of image editingyou can make use of it. Above all, it is designed to carry out a quick edition of the same, simplifying the processes to the maximum, offering us submenus in which we find a great variety of predefined sizes that adjust to the standards of the Internet and social networks in order to reach all users and facilitate their transformation. Being possible in a short time, retouch the image and upload it to a social network without previously going through an editing program. We hope that over time this tool will incorporate more functions and become a serious competitor of online tools.


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