Google has stopped all ads in Russia

Google has stopped all ads in Russia

In response to the crisis of progress in Ukraine, Google stopped all advertising from Russia. In other words, online billing information is now part of the battle. You can find more information in this note.

Google Advertising Stops Russia

Google-Floucius says the company has blocked ads from Russia. He said that when the situation improves, he will share more updates. However, the company’s financial losses are unknown. However, this episode shows how the online world has become a battleground between Russia and the West. When the Russians invaded Ukraine.

Google coverage comes as a ban on advertising on Twitter and Snapchat in Russia. In fact, Google banned Russian state media as early as Russia Today. First, you will not get money on your website and your YouTube channel. So a few restrictions and similar restrictions appeared last week.

Google has stopped advertising for Russia

The decision came after Google itself criticized Roskomnadzor. Announcing the war in Ukraine Roskomnadzor said that the ads on the Google platform are Russian viewers. Your goal is to create a twisted environment. Roscomadzor Shindo may spread “false information” that allows the media to promote these protests. Parents are also strictly prohibited from participating in advertising on government account. Access to BBC News has been blocked.


All these Google complaints are to block ads from Russia. Besides Russia, Russia has blocked access to Twitter, Facebook and other newspapers during the unrest. As a result, the company banned its products and services in Russia last week. Ukraine saves the world from disaster.


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