15 percent of NFT conversation in India comes from women: Twitter

15 percent of NFT conversation in India comes from women: Twitter

Twitter has become a place where kryptonites can find and discuss all the important happenings in the world of cryptocurrencies. Bugless Tokens (NFTs) are a new topic for microblogging, with NFT reaching 3,000% in India alone in January.

According to Twitter, at least 375 million tweets are being sent via NFT around the world. Surprisingly, 15% of calls in India are made by women. The most commonly used hashtags on NFT and Twitter conversations are: #NFT, #NFTs, #NFTgiveaway, #NFTcommunity, #NFTart, #NFTcollector. According to data posted on Twitter, almost 40% of women worldwide have never heard of NFT, 26% think NFT could be a big investment in money, and 25% offer special support to personal for artists. . . . 24% of women think NFT is a great way for brands to share new and unique content.

Twitter reported that many NFT artists in India have taken the initiative to include more women in the discussion. Akanksha Badaya (@ art_lover_09), a well-known Jaipur-based graphic designer, works by combining digital and traditional art. He believes Web 3 is the future and his skills reach a wider audience through NFT. “My journey with NFT started when I saw people sharing their NFT on Twitter, I was interested in learning, exploring and exploring the world, I tried many phones on Twitter working. NFT artists, including Akankshe .. to help early actors guide the NFF community around the world calling women in the NFT.This process shows that the role of NFT clearly demonstrates its importance just remove the similarities. You can support memory where women can share and receive information and support them on Twitter.
Twitter adds stress information. “Your dispatch and attitude of Chati is that women know it. Adjustments and #wen has prepared.” “” “” “” “” “” “” The Emoticon Twitter (Slovet) “If you combine another cross, you can become a person with a person. The team promotes an event between. “

“Twitter and #Oright NFT focus” We are working on social media on Twitter and social media on Twitter. This is because of his creation. We want to motivate a lot of positive things to motivate NFT developers but we can’t wait for them to happen. In an interview, Cheryl-Anne Cotto, Twitter partner in India.


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