12 useful SEO tools for your brand in 2022

12 useful SEO tools for your brand in 2022

Search engine optimization can be a complex process. Therefore, more useful SEO tools are added every year to make your progress easier and faster. As such, it can provide you with valuable information and advice that has been less useful in the past.

The right tools can improve your strategy to better understand what people need. Therefore, you need to know about applications that can be an important channel for a better understanding of your business. In 2022 you will also find the 12 latest SEO tools.

12 useful SEO tools that your company must implement

1.Exploding Topics: SEO tool for classifying topics.

This useful SEO tool allows you to categorize topics by getting a list of topics divided into three categories. One of the benefits is that you can now search for topics related to your sector. You will also always find topics that have become fashionable over time. Like keywords whose popularity is now declining. Sure, your content strategy can be solid, but that doesn’t guarantee your contribution will reach your target audience. Therefore, this SEO tool can save you time by helping you select potentially searchable topics on Google. As a result, your website will meet your goals. explosion in the subject

2.Mobile Moxie SERPerator: SEO tool for generating mobile traffic

This mobile SEO tool can help developers, marketers and traders to increase mobile traffic. MobileMoxie SERPerator therefore allows you to take snapshots of actual search results and compare them by location, phone and language. This means that it mimics the normal search of the selected place.

You can also use this tool to select up to two phones at once and see how the results change. You can also get the same real-time search results wherever you are. SERP allows you to target one term at a time, but you can also test your keyword in hundreds of different locations at once. Moxie mobile search engine

3.Google Ranking Bulk: An SEO Tool for Keywords

This SEO application has a real time feature that can help you get your website back into the rankings of your competitors. You can submit up to 10 keywords at a time. You will also check the ratings of computer websites in 14 countries and mobile websites in 5 countries.

This will allow Google Rank Checker to show you how good your site looks. In addition, you can submit up to 10 keywords, add your domain, and select a Google version to get real-time results. It gives you the ability to export analysis data to Excel.

4.Can I Rank: SEO tool for artificial intelligence

CanIRank is the first useful SEO tool that uses artificial intelligence to provide accurate recommendations instead of simple statistics. With a single click, you will get a complete guide or send it to an SEO specialist. Similarly, Google shows at the top of the results on each page what kind of links are needed and how many keywords are used. CanIRank refines all data points in SEO tasks. This will help you figure out what terms you need to include in your article and where you can find risk reduction links.

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5. Sitechecker: An SEO tool that can improve your site.

Analyze your search performance and update your to-do list every day. This is most likely due to changes related to website content, rankings or backlinks. This way you will receive an email if there is a serious problem or warning with your project.

This ensures that solutions are implemented and new issues are resolved quickly. Also, check the status of your site and follow your keywords. Therefore, it is considered a useful SEO tool that you should try. Web Explorer

6.SearchResponse.io: Content marketing tool

It is a set of tools for keyword research and SEO content. Because they use a lot of data from search engines to find important information. Here you will find questions related to your topic and popularity.

It will also help you deepen your understanding of the topic with relevant keywords. Here you will find information about what your audience is looking for. As a result, you create content that they leave on your site.


7.Zippy.com: An SEO tool that estimates traffic

Zippy does the hardest part of SEO. It now offers not only data but also a tool to get real results. While it’s easy to change the name, it’s hard to know if it will work.

Zippy paid close attention to the name changes. It also measures organic clicks and uses machine learning predictions to evaluate traffic performance. That you can publish new titles directly from the Zippy dashboard through WordPress or Cloudflare integration.


8.Reddico: SEO reporting tool

This SEO tool can provide daily, weekly or monthly reports full of recommendations for events and previews. This way, your site’s performance is monitored in real time. Then you are ready for changes that will affect your organic vision. In addition, it can help you identify quick tactical gains by giving you an overview of your long-term SEO strategic plans. As such, this tool can help you solve most office problems. reddico

9.Keywordinsights.io: SEO application that improves search

If a keyword has four URLs that match another keyword in the top ten, they are grouped. This makes it easier to determine whether the content should be split into new pages or embedded. This useful SEO tool will show you URL-level optimization options for all your keywords. Additionally, you can determine if the site is trying to group into multiple groups and if the site does not identify an incorrect search term. Keywordsights.io

10.Content Short Generator: SEO optimization tool

The best way to optimize your content, test your SEO, and analyze your results is to use a content summary generator. With this tool, entrepreneurs can create detailed and up-to-date surveys and compare them with the competition. I love keyword ideas and frequently asked questions on the web.

Content messages can collect brand content with elements verified by their own experts. They can therefore use the internal hardening scheme of the internal melt generator. It allows you to maintain content consistency, improve the site, and increase site traffic.

11.Short content generator of a. Thruuu: A tool found in the League.

With this SEO tool you can get detailed information about the content of the competition. See also the details of the Google search results page (SERP). Because it quickly analyzes the core and subtopics of every page that comes first.

Thruuu is a useful tool for getting an overview of the best Google search results. In addition, it can help you create useful CTR content. It offers you a comparison of keyword titles, descriptions and titles.

12.Contenteum: SEO application for content creation

Get detailed and quick tips that your authors can use to create content. Similarly, create articles with easy-to-understand visual feedback for automatic updating and optimization. Publish and plan your WordPress content with one click and never leave the platform.

Content data can help you evaluate content. With it, you can create topics and keywords in seconds. As a result, creating a complete article can shorten research time. This way, you will not lose your rank due to a grammatical error. inside


Choosing a specific SEO tool depends on the nature of your business and your needs. Even with the right tools, you can provide better content for your site and increase search engine traffic and rankings. As always, Google search results come first.


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