Instagram has a new quick post feature for Android and iOS

Instagram has a new quick post feature for Android and iOS

This trick is great for users who share multiple photos and videos of their contacts via live social networks.
Instagram is a social network that is constantly updated and adds new features. Infobae is a new tool that is integrated with the existing platform and its existence is unknown.

Specifically, it’s a feature that allows users to share published photos and videos with their contacts more often. If you use Instagram regularly, sharing messages with other users with friends or family has become a full-fledged daily activity. This tool is integrated with Instagram application for Android and iOS. In fact, every user has the opportunity to try it out and is sure that it will become one of the most popular features of the platform. Infobae will guide you every step of the way.

How to share Instagram photos faster

Not all Instagram updates are required, some have features that appear to be less important but may be important to the user experience.
It does this through a new connectivity tool that makes it easier for users to share content from other accounts with their most common contacts. Specifically, this feature has four users with whom it communicates the most through instant messaging. Now all you have to do is click the Share button, enter your contact list, and then select the recipients to whom your instant messaging content will be delivered.
The new secret trick will allow you to share photos faster than before using the same Share button, but with one big difference.

Here are the steps:

  1. Open Instagram. Rainbow. Navigate to the message you want to share.

Press and hold the Share button (labeled dragon icon) to open a small window with profile pictures of four other online accounts.

  1. If the screen doesn’t open, drag the photo to the account you want to share it with. Allows you to send content in an instant message.
    And it’s all as fast and easy as sharing messages on Instagram, just like from other accounts, with users constantly communicating through private messages.

It is worth recalling the importance of continuing the Instagram application for future news.

How to create quick answers for a professional Instagram account

Another new feature is the ability to create custom answers so you can respond to customers faster. Undoubtedly one of the best features if you want to save time in responding to instant messages received by a person or company via Instagram. For example, instead of typing a frequently used phrase, you can set a keyboard shortcut so that when you press it, the sentence automatically appears on the screen. This allows the account administrator to answer the most frequently asked questions in less time.

The process is very simple, so it takes a few minutes to create a personal response on Instagram. Here are the steps:

  1. Open Instagram first. 2. Now click on the Messages icon in the upper right corner.

Join any conversation.

Height. Unlike a current account, when you open a chat, your company’s instagram account will display a “+” icon. Click on this icon.

  1. Select the quick answer icon (circle with three dots).
  2. Now click on “+” to add a quick answer.
  3. The professional account holder can respond immediately.

Finally, click Save. As you can see, the process is very simple and a great helper for quick feedback from Instagram customers. Of course, you have no restrictions when creating quick answers, you have to repeat the whole process to add the answers that you think you have in mind.


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