Goodbye to losing photos and videos with this new WhatsApp function in group chats

Goodbye to losing photos and videos with this new WhatsApp function in group chats

The messaging application is working on a beta version that includes changes to the multimedia content of group conversations. The update could arrive soon, improving the user experience and storage management on your mobile
It is the instant messaging application par excellence in Spain, which is why updates are the priority for WhatsApp . Improving the user experience is always within the objectives of the Meta platform and one of the biggest concerns is always storage. If they recently incorporated a new function for managing and freeing up space , they are now working on keeping the multimedia content received through group chats under control.

It is nothing new for users, infinite group conversations are generated in the application . This causes the situation of having to read carefully or skim over the number of messages, among which multimedia content frequently sneaks in.

It is likely that you will find many of these in the gallery or files if you have an automatic download option, but there are times when this may be disabled and you lose important information . Under this premise, WhatsApp wants to make this access to the media much more controlled and that is why it is working on a new section.

New multimedia feature for WhatsApp groups

As reported by the portal specialized in the messaging application, WABetaInfo , WhatsApp is developing a new beta update for Android In this new version, a new section has been revealed that affects group chats in a positive way. The Meta platform application would thus incorporate an area for grouping and describing the multimedia content that has been shared through a group.

As shown in the image, the multimedia content would be stored in a section that records both the images and videos, links and gifs that have been shared, without having to read the entire conversation and quickly access the most recent files. . In this independent section you can view the name, the chat it comes from and even the storage weight . You will also have access, in a second place, to all the shared multimedia content.

This new function allows the user, in addition to quick access, better storage management . Without having to go through conversations to find the file , from this new section, it is also easier to identify those with more weight that are no longer needed and, therefore, free up space on your mobile phone. It is unknown, according to WABetaInfo , when the stable update will arrive on the devices, since at the moment only beta users can use this function that is still in development.


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