Amazon has given almost a 30% discount on this 10th generation iPad 2022

Amazon has given almost a 30% discount on this 10th generation iPad 2022

Amazon has given almost a 30% discount on this 10th generation iPad 2022 from Apple and it is only worth 423 euros
Apple doesn’t need any introduction, nor do its products . Lucky for you, today we bring you a 27% discount offer on this 10.9-inch Apple iPad 2022 10th Generation . Its RRP has been reduced to only 423 euros , so you can save more than 150 euros with your purchase. A real bargain that is for a limited time.

We know that choosing a tablet-type device is not an easy thing. That’s why we always recommend seeing our complete guide . What we are going to tell you is that this iPad is wonderful. We’re not making it up, Amazon users say it, giving it a 5 out of 5 based on more than 2,500 reviews . What’s more, more than 500 were sold last month.

It has an unbeatable price and can be yours if you want

These are already enough reasons for you to go for this offer, but if not, let us tell you something more about this device. First of all, you will have a 10.9-inch screen, two 12-megapixel wide-angle cameras (front and rear) so you can record and take all the photos you want .

Of course there is more, since you will have 64 GB of capacity to save your photos, videos or whatever you want. In addition, it incorporates Wi-Fi 6, much faster than other connections. Added to this is that the USB-C connector will be compatible with the cables you have at home, without forgetting the detail that you can connect accessories.

Beyond internal specifications. With this iPad 2022 10th generation you will have the opportunity to work hard and you will not notice. The speed with which programs and tasks are executed will surprise you and you will be totally satisfied.

Clearly, not everything in life is about work, it is also about having fun and relaxing . Therefore you will have the option to draw and take notes. All this while you can make calls to your family, friends or acquaintances. And if you are already tired of everything we told you: install video games and spend hours in a solo experience or connected to the network.
At Urban Tecno we are always attentive to everything that has to do with Apple , so apart from yes, go for this offer, we recommend that you always look at our news. But don’t dawdle now, as the 27% off offer is for a limited time. You can have this iPad of ten for only 423 euros .


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