CaddyWiper malware discovered on Ukrainian systems

CaddyWiper malware discovered on Ukrainian systems

New malware has been discovered in Ukraine. Malware CaddyWiper is, in fact, the third strain of malware to affect Ukrainian systems since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian War. CaddyWiper was discovered by security researchers from the Slovak cyber company ESET. ESET discovered the malware on Monday and published several tweets about it.

What does CaddyWiper do?

CaddyWiper will affect your data. According to researchers, this tool not only erases user data, but also shares information from any disk that is not properly connected to the affected computer. The thread suggests that CaddyWiper works by destroying computer files and overwriting them with zero-byte characters, losing user data forever in the process.

Unlike ransomware, malware removal is used to permanently delete data from an infected computer. It is a more straightforward destructive method that has nothing to do with collecting money from victims. “We know that when a cleaner works, the system can be useless,” said Jean-Ian Boutin, head of threat research at ESET. edges. “At this point, however, it is not clear what the overall impact of this attack will be.”

Butin also added that CaddyWiper does not appear to be infected on many devices and that ESET’s research has identified only one organization that specializes in malware.

This is not the first malware to reach Ukraine

In recent weeks, in the midst of the invasion of Russia, two other types of computer-targeted virus malware have also been discovered in Ukraine. HermeticWiper, the first of the two tribes, was discovered on February 23, the day before the Russian conflict broke out. On the other hand, IsaacWiper was introduced in Ukraine on February 24. The timeline provided by ESET also suggests that the two malware attacks may have been strategically planned, as reported months before its release. .


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