Windows 11 File Explorer may display ads from Microsoft shortly

Windows 11 File Explorer may display ads from Microsoft shortly

Microsoft is obviously ready to announce new updates on existing products. Another popular product is Windows 11 File Explorer, developed by Windows Insider.

Twitter user Florian B (@ flobo09) shared a screenshot of the Windows 11 file manager displaying ads in Microsoft’s editor. Screenshots may be from the new Windows Insider DevChannel released last week: May 22572.

Microsoft Editor is a language application and browser for companies like Grammarly. Reports from XDA developers indicate that ads are appearing on Windows 11 where they make sense. For example, a presentation by a new Microsoft publisher can only be found in the Documents folder.

While this may be counterproductive, even though upgrading to Windows 11 is free, Windows is still a paid product for new users who get the operating system. These types of ads do not always appear in the product you are paying for.

Not the first internal Microsoft product announcements

Microsoft is promoting Windows more than you can imagine. When you open Windows Mail, you will be asked to select Outlook for your phone. Microsoft Edge is completely dependent on Windows users, as well as services such as the Microsoft Store and the company set by default.
Another example of paid software promoting mobile applications is Microsoft Office.

In the future, we will tell you how many updates are made to Windows 11 and how they affect the future experience.


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