Google Maps in Himars shows the Crimean bridge

Google Maps in Himars shows the Crimean bridge

It seems that Google has decided to have a little fun with the Russian occupiers, who have been terrorized by the American HIMARS multiple rocket launcher system for a week Google Maps in Himars shows the Crimean bridge .

what is known

After a series of successful attacks on command posts and large ammunition depots, the Russians began to fear that the Ukrainian Armed Forces would decide to attack the Crimean bridge. They even had to beef up security on site Google Maps in Himars shows the Crimean bridge.

The Russians installed pyramidal deflectors at a distance of up to 100 meters from the car part of the Crimean bridge. This is supposed to protect it from laser or radar guided missiles. Also, the occupants tried a smoke screen the other day.

Meanwhile, Google has decided to play a joke on the Russians, although many of them are not up to the joke now. When users enter Google Maps with the query “HIMars”, the app sends the user to the Crimean Bridge. With the queries “HIMARS” or “Hymars” it doesn’t work.

If you enter the word Himars in the Google Maps, you will be shown the Crimean bridge. Coincidence or fate?


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