Microsoft will suspend Swiftkey on iOS from October 5 this year

Microsoft will suspend Swiftkey on iOS from October 5 this year

Microsoft is reportedly discontinuing iOS support for its Swiftkey predictive keyboard app. According to a recent report by ZDNet , the tech giant will stop supporting the popular keyboard starting October 5 this year.

In the statement, Chris Wolfe, director of product management at Swiftkey, went on to say that the app will also be removed from the Apple app store. But those who have already installed Swiftkey on their devices can continue to use the app unless they migrate to another device or upgrade to a newer operating system.

It is interesting to note that the iOS version of Swiftkey has not been updated in over a year. A few months ago, a Reddit thread was making the rounds on the internet when a user complained about the lack of updates to the Swiftkey iOS app.

When asked why Microsoft had decided to drop the iOS version of Swiftkey, Wolfe declined to comment. However, he said that they are focusing on the Android version of the app.

In case you didn’t know, Microsoft bought Swiftkey when it was on an acquisition spree in 2016. Back then, Microsoft had claimed the keyboard was installed on more than 300 million devices. In 2012, Swiftkey was also the best-selling app on Google’s Play Store.


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