Twitter accounts posting videos from Ukraine have been disabled as needed.

Twitter accounts posting videos from Ukraine have been disabled as needed.

As Russian troops and armored vehicles began to move to Ukrainian soil, the main source of information about the photo of helicopters in Russia became accounts on social networks that hosted pictures and videos from the eastern Donbass and Luhansk region, Fringes.

But as the conflict escalated, many researchers who shared this important material on social networks commonly known as Open Source Intelligence or OSINT suddenly closed their Twitter accounts.

On the night of February 22, OSINT investigator Kyle Glen was jailed for 12 hours, according to Glen’s tweets and contributions from another OSINT organization.

Security analyst Oliver Alexander also claims that he was denied access to his account. twice in 24 hours. In addition to the Anglo-Saxon conflict, the conflict was also affected by the French OSINT Neuronal Intelligence account in the Spanish world and the Brazilian OSINT Notícias e Guerras account.

The Twitter thread compiled by Nick Waters, an analyst at the pioneering organization OSINT Bellingcat, lists several suspended accounts. In a tweet, Alexander shared a screenshot stating that the account had been suspended due to a Twitter violation, although the exact violation had not yet been determined.

Investigators have expressed concern that the account ban was part of a wider information campaign aimed at deactivating OSINT accounts during the Russian invasion. Twitter spokeswoman Elizabeth Busby said the accounts were not intentional and were part of a coordinated campaign. “We are actively monitoring new accounts that violate our policies. In this case, we are taking steps to cause multiple accounts to fail,” Busby said. “We briefly reviewed these actions and restored active access to most of the affected accounts.

accounts. The allegations that the errors were a coordinated robotic campaign resulting from the mass reporting are not true. “We leave these events immediately and active renewed access to many affected accounts.”

It is considered to be a policy blocked by the blocked accounts, see Basby on a synthetic medicine policy that responds to bad information on the platform. In line with policy terms, accounts can share information “ON and OFF-changed, modified or” bad toughness. “Influence of public security or cause serious injury. The unclear accounts are considered a violation of policy considered.

considered. Arik Tatres, Research Direk and Belling Cat training, said suspension is shocked with the affected accounts in English. “If this happens, it’s normal small bills and foreign language records because Twitter is not talking in this language,” says Tatres says “Tatres.” But there are plenty of people in writing English in English, many large accounts of thousands of participants are also falling. It’s very unusual.

Twit Stresses the fact that many rising account accounts included tweets sent to other accounts published by the original content and videos. According to the wizard, it gives the possibility that the employee is accumulation due to human intervention and internal algorithmic medium. “This usually happens with small accounts and accounts in foreign languages.”

Ukrainian supporters who are afraid that Twitter accounts can be removed from the OSINT with OSINT can benefit Russian military goals in the region. Russia opened Ukraine disinformation, and accuses their social networks to improve their social networks in a false harbor, even maintaining cyberbullying in Ukraine and referred to banks in Ukraine. Pages with often DDOS attacks.


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