The ultimate word search engine to always win in Aworded, Scrabble and Wordle

The ultimate word search engine to always win in Aworded, Scrabble and Wordle

If you play with words in games such as Wordle, Scrabble, Hangman and the like, you will sometimes get stuck. But there is a word search engine that can do it all.
Word games have always had a loyal and abundant audience. Both on paper and digitally, word searches, crossword puzzles and crossword puzzles are all the rage. There are also board games like Scrabble , available in dozens of languages. And, finally, mobile or online games such as Apalabrados, Words with Friends or the most recent, Wordle . Regardless of your favorite word game, at some point you will have needed a word search engine that allows you to advance.

And it is that no matter how good you are at games like Wordle and even if you follow all the tricks to guess the hidden words, sooner or later you run into a word that refuses to be discovered. Especially when the letters are out of order. But everything has a remedy, and in the world of word games, the solution is in the dictionary . Or better, a word search engine.

Its name is WORdER and it is completely free . It has two search modes, it is available in several languages ​​and it is used for all kinds of word games, especially Wordle, Scrabble and Apalabrados . But it can also be used in Hangman , in crossword puzzles, and for other things, such as rhyming words in poems and songs.

The ultimate word search

Free and available in Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian, German and Russian. WORdER has everything to become a go-to help when you get stuck playing with words . It shouldn’t be abused, because games have to be won honestly, but if you ever can’t find the solution , no one has to find out that you’ve used this word search engine.

It has two search modes . The first is to find words from the letters you have available. You can use up to three asterisks as wild cards. Or directly place the letters in a row , without spaces between them. As the search engine help says, the order doesn’t matter. That is precisely what it is about.

The second search modality takes into account patterns. For example, knowing in advance how the word to find begins or ends. In the examples of this search mode you will find all the possible variants that make it possible to find words regardless of your situation or even if you have few letters at hand.

And in Advanced Options you can configure the WORdER word search to adapt to Scrabble or Apalabrados when it comes to searching for words with CR, RR or LL. This option applies to both search modes.

A great help to find words

For years there has been an entire ecosystem of applications, pages and utilities to play Scrabble . Word search engines, specific dictionaries, tutorials… The same has happened with Wordle , the most recent word game that has been on everyone’s lips. Precisely, as a result of this game the idea of ​​creating WORdER arose .

Behind this word search engine is Isaac Roca , web programmer and photographer and the visible face of ICON , an image and online communication company. As a curiosity, to create word search engines he has used specific dictionaries. In Spanish, a classic, the Aspell dictionary. In Catalan, the DISC dictionary (Dictionary Informatitzat de l’Scrabble in Català). And in English, the official dictionary of The National Puzzlers’ League association .

In short, WORdER is the ultimate word search engine to get you out of trouble in any word game, on paper, board or digital. And although it should not be abused, as it says on its page, “it can be used as a little help if you find yourself stuck in one of these games, or simply to amaze your friends.”


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