The Police warn of a new form of scam on WhatsApp

The Police warn of a new form of scam on WhatsApp

Scammers pose as children of victims to ask for money.

Every day more people use social networks. Be it Instagram, TikTok or, the most classic, WhatsApp. However, the scams continue and every so often new ones appear. The National Police has warned of one last trick that cybercriminals have to request money from users of this social messaging network.

One of the tasks of the National Police on Twitter is to warn of possible scams . With clear and forceful messages in which they explain the deception, they pretend that people do not fall for these deceptions. In addition, they usually attach screenshots to illustrate what the scam is like or how persuasive cybercriminals can be.

On this occasion, the deception takes place on WhatsApp , the most widely used social messaging network. Likewise, the Police have revealed that it is aimed at women with children, since they pretend to be these to ask for money fraudulently.

The deception begins by contacting the woman, telling her that her son is talking to her , that he has changed his number and that is the new one. Also, to be more convincing, scammers often say that their old phone number has been blocked and their photos and contacts have disappeared.

The scammer, who does not have a profile picture , pretends to be the victim’s son and asks for an amount of money immediately. In the example given by the Police, the amount amounts to 2,900 euros, and the cybercriminal urgently requests it from her alleged mother to deal with a payment that does not detail what it is either.

Faced with this scam, the Police ask Twitter users to share it so that no WhatsApp user is a victim of this deception . Another trick would be to call the supposed son or interlocutor to check to which person we are going to lend money. In addition to applying common sense to such large money requests without specifying what such an amount is going to be used for.


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