This is what you should do if you receive a message from a stranger on WhatsApp

This is what you should do if you receive a message from a stranger on WhatsApp

If you have doubts that it is a scam, you can verify the information through another means, but never rely on information that that chat can provide you.

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  2. WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging app in Spain. That means that there are millions of Spaniards who communicate through it, something that cybercriminals try to take advantage of by carrying out scam attempts . One of these attempts takes shape when we suddenly receive a message from an unknown number.

Scams using the Meta instant messaging social network are becoming more common and more ingenious, and they can also occur from anywhere in the world and reach thousands of mobile devices. Unless we are waiting for an important message from someone who is not one of our contacts , it will be a scam.

What do I do if I receive a message from a stranger on WhatsApp?

To begin with, we must be wary, since if you receive the typical message with a large amount of information suddenly without even having prior contact or if you receive a ‘Hello’ from an unknown number , but that comes from a very country or place far away, it is most likely a scam, so use caution.

On WhatsApp, no one is going to offer you money for entering a link nor does it make sense for them to offer you a job , in fact this is one of the most common and common scams. These types of offers tend to be seemingly simple jobs that do not cost time and offer a significant amount of money for simply liking posts, among others.
It is also quite typical for that person or that number to claim to be a family member asking for money for any type of excuse . That is to say, your uncle is not going to write to you needing money through a transfer in another country, nor will they tell you that you have lost your cell phone and ask you for money . Your bank will not contact you via WhatsApp either . That is clearly a scam.

If it seems that way, it is better that you do not interact, although if you have doubts, verify the information through another means , but never base yourself without information that that chat can provide you. The best solution is not to answer, it is to report and block the number because if you answer you could be giving them other types of information for different scams, such as, for example, the time in which you are paying attention to your cell phone.


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