Instagram tests feature that forces ad display in the feed

Instagram tests feature that forces ad display in the feed

Instagram has discreetly started implementing a mechanism that forces you to display ads for a few seconds before seeing other posts. Known as “ad break”, the feature was reported by some people in recent days after scrolling through the social network ‘s timeline . Complaints emerged on both X and Reddit.

When scrolling through the feed, an ad appears on the screen with a small notification indicating a commercial break (and a counter that can be three or five seconds).
During the countdown, people are prevented from skipping the ad, just like initial advertising when watching a YouTube video without a Premium subscriber. Only after the stipulated time has elapsed does Instagram allow you to move on to the next post .
According to Meta, “Ad breaks are a new way to see ads on Instagram. Sometimes you may need to preview an ad before continuing to browse.”

It is not yet possible to know whether this feature will reach all countries . For now, most reports show the app configured in English, suggesting it would be an experiment in some parts of the world.

There is also no information about a setting to disable the commercial break in the app, which could be possible in the case of a possible premium package , as already happens on YouTube.


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