Instagram suffers a crash and suspends accounts without notice

Instagram suffers a crash and suspends accounts without notice

Thousands of users have reported failures when logging in and many have even seen how their accounts have been blocked. From the company, they assure that they are investigating the incident, apologizing.

Instagram has suffered a general outage of its service , which has caused problems when logging in or using the application itself and has resulted in thousands of people affected, some of them informed that their accounts have been suspended.

This social network would have registered the first problems around 2:00 p.m. (local time) and the highest peak of this fall would have been reported around 3:10 p.m., as indicated by Downdetector .

According to this platform, the incidents most reported by those affected have been failed login attempts (72% of all complaints), application startup (17%) and refresh or load (12%) . .

Several users have also reported these problems by sharing their screenshots through Twitter, where the notifications received have multiplied, referring to the fact that the accounts have been blocked.

” We have suspended your account on October 31, 2022. You have 30 days to claim this decision”, you can read in these notifications, detailing that the temporary closure of the accounts is due to the fact that said user does not follow the rules community.

Likewise, it is indicated that in the event that Instagram cannot confirm the account, it will permanently deactivate it and that, within that period of one month, no one can view the account in question or use it.


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