Twitter will allow users to edit a tweet up to five times

Twitter will allow users to edit a tweet up to five times

Earlier this month, Twitter introduced the much-hyped ‘Edit Tweet’ feature that allows users to edit their tweets up to 30 minutes after posting. But now, it looks like the social media platform will limit the number of times users can edit the tweet.

In a TechCrunch report, Twitter said that users will only be able to edit their tweets up to five times in a 30-minute time period. While this might be more than enough for those trying to fix typos and want to add images, videos, or hashtags, it looks like Twitter is taking the step to prevent people from abusing the feature.

The company also said that after observing user behavior, it may change the limit and time frame in the future. The ‘Edit Tweet’ feature is currently being tested and is only available to those subscribed to Twitter Blue. He went on to say that the feature will initially be available to those who live in New Zealand.

Additionally, it should be noted that edited tweets will have an icon, timestamp, and label so users can easily see what changes have been made to the original tweet. Twitter says it’s currently enabling the feature so a handful of users understand if and how it can be misused.

In addition to the ‘Edit Tweet’ feature, Twitter is reported to have changed the ‘share’ button to a WhatsApp icon for some Android users in India. It’s interesting to note that tapping the WhatsApp option still opens the share menu instead of WhatsApp.


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