Instagram is forced to discard its latest news inspired by TikTok

Instagram is forced to discard its latest news inspired by TikTok

The social network has announced that it will back down with these developments.
In recent weeks there had been a real revolution on the networks against Instagram, the social network that had introduced a very different way of viewing the feed, bringing its use closer to what TikTok is . This, which a priori might seem interesting, has turned against the social network, which has had to back down due to the numerous criticisms received, some of them by famous users and users of the social network. And the changes are not always for the better.

It must be said that it is very possible that you have not noticed any changes in recent months, related to what we are talking about, and it is normal, because it is something that has not reached all users. But those who have received them have been furious at what it meant for their day to day life. Celebrity users like Kim Khardashian have publicly shown their discontent with the new feed. And it is that this had become a hybrid of Instagram and TikTok, since the feed was used in a similar way.

Now it has been the same Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram , who has assured The Verge that this new design has been discarded, that it will not reach more users, and that those who had it active will stop seeing it . And it seems that the public of Instagram, logically on the other hand, does not want the social network to become a clone of TikTok, because for that it is evident that the Bytedance app already exists. The new version of the Instagram interface basically turned all the posts into something like reels, in such a way that to go from one to another you had to swipe up, jumping from one to another in this way.

Therefore, it is as if we were on an endless reel with the publications of all our contacts on the social network. And it is that Mosseri himself has told this medium that the new feed designs are frustrating people and that the usage data is not good, so they have decided to withdraw this new interface design. It must be said that, despite the commotion, at least it is something that most users of the social network will not find out about, since the vast majority had not received these news in their accounts.

They will keep the usual feed

Surely you have noticed in recent weeks that our Instagram feeds have sometimes become a compendium of posts from accounts we don’t know , simply because they want to recommend them to us. Well, that too will go down. Because Mosseri assures that it seems that these recommendations are being, on the one hand, very invasive, too numerous, and not very effective. Because it seems that despite the recommendations, not many users decide to follow them. So in this aspect the social network wants to take a step back, reduce the number of recommendations, and later increase it again with the aim of making them more useful for everyone.


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